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11 January, 7.30 pm

Wiesbaden, Germany - Kurhaus - Concerto by E. Grieg
with Wiesbaden State Orchestra conducted by Kery-Lynn Wilson (Canada).

3 February, 1.0pm

Recital: Nantes - Folle journée  

18 March, 7.30pm

San Juan, Puerto Rico - W.A.Mozart Concerto No. 23
with the Puerto Rico Orchestra conducted by Maximiano Valdes (USA-Chile).

7 June, 7pm

Vilnius, Lithuania - National Philharmonic - Vilnius Festival - 3 part recital – complete “Années de Pèlérinage” by F. Liszt.

from 15 to 24 September

Member of the Jury of the M.K. Čiurlionis Competition (Lithuania).

8th “Vilnius Piano Festival”

18 November to 2 December 2023
Artistic Director Mūza Rubackytė
Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Vilnius, Lithuania.

18 November 2023
Opening concert of the 8th Vilnius Piano Festival
Concerto for piano and orchestra by E.Grieg, pianist and artistic director 
of the festival Mūza Rubackytė, conductor Maximiano Valdes (USA-Chile) 
with Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.

June 2022
The book Edition Tyto Alba in Lithuanian translated from the original Ovadia Publishing

Born under a piano tells the incredible life story of Mūza Rubackytė, a concert pianiste

In this autobiography, she opens up with modesty about her childhood with her mother and her aunt, her two renowned teachers. She evokes with emotion her life as a child prodigy, adulated. At the age of seven, she played her first concerto with orchestra. As an only child living with her mother and aunt who survived the deportation, they were probably saved by the magic of the piano.

Her fascinating book is full of anecdotes from her countless travels, sometimes with behind-the-scenes, often dramatic but also funny and touching.

Finally, Mūza offers her captivating reflections on her passion for music and his mission as a "passer-by".


Highlights 2022/2021

  • Master classes for the Liszt Competition in Utrecht - September 2022

  • President of the jury of the Eurovision Competition for Young Musicians in Montpellier on 23 July 2022

Album releases

“Valses Impressions”
Leopold Godowski (1870-1938)
Complete works for violin and piano
Karol Szymanowski (1882-1937)
Three Caprices of Paganini op. 40.
Dmitri Makhtin, violin Mūza Rubackyté, piano

Double album of Brahms Concertos 
n°1 & n°2, Doron label
7th CD in the Great Lithuanian live recordings series

Rare and moving Godowski and Szymanowski by Dmitri Makhtin and Mūza Rubackyté

It is in the company of violinist Dmitri Makhtin that pianist Mūza Rubackyté revives the two composers of her previous disc, Godowski and Szymanowski.

Somewhere between Vienna, Prague, Vilnius and Warsaw, but always in a hushed salon, the fragrance of these pages - twelve Impressions for violin and piano - by Godowski takes us by the throat. It is a heady, joyous, but bittersweet violin and piano. The waltzes, these Alt Wien, hesitate between the lyricism of a Korngold and the outdated romanticism and pastiche of a Kreisler. Godowski was a maker of emotions, a magician even in his opulence opulence when he placed a barnum on Chopin's Etudes that had not asked for anything. which he had not asked for anything... Godowski also knew how to move in the curve of a phrase, in the steps of dances sketched out. Dmitri Makhtin thus plays a series of characters, a luxurious beggar, an idle puppet, a prince soloist for an evening... In the background, Mūza Rubackyté creates the setting, sometimes dramatic like this Avowal (confession) with its harsh harmonies. She "plays" the hall, the audience singing behind two Walz Poems, revives the discourse, pretends to be a Faurean Penelope in the Larghetto lamentoso, perhaps the most beautiful piece alongside the Valse macabre, ultimately less "macabre" than a bearer of this Sehnsucht so deeply rooted in the Judaism of the early 20th century.

Far from the Sonata for violin and piano and, even more so, from the Myths, Szymanowski's Three Caprices of Paganini seem to be more audacious in their writing than Godowski's. In 1918, it was no longer a question of simply entertaining, but of exploiting the structure of the theme by breaking up the lines, playing with a refined chromaticism that stretches the harmonic resolutions to the maximum. In fact, these Caprices, and the second in particular, could be orchestrated, so rich is the material. This is a very beautiful slow movement for a concerto! The superb colours of Dmitri Makhtin's bow are carried by the suppleness of the piano, the rhapsodic character that pervades the 24th Caprice. This is certainly spectacular music, but it is even more intimate. The passages of pure evocation surpass the swirling brilliance. A very beautiful disc. 

Resmusica, Stéphane Friédérich

New distinctions

Prize of the National Philharmonic of Lithuania “Serving Music”. 
Mūza is the first artist to receive this award for all her activities in music.





Diapason d’OR, ffff from Télérama, 4 stars Classica for the album Godowsky


  • Video recordings of piano concertos “live” at the National Philarmoncic of Lithuania 
    Beethoven n°5, Saint-Saëns n°2, Penderecki “Resurrection”
  • K. Penderecki “Resurrection”, concert to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 
    September 30, 2021 in Budapest
  • Artistic Director of the 7th Vilnius Piano Festival, “Parisian evenings”, from November 17 to December 4, 2021

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